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NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement Fund
2023 Winter Application

The NCIDQ Tuition Reimbursement Fund supports IIDA Associate members seeking their NCIDQ credentials. 

Interior designers that hold an NCIDQ certificate are able to demonstrate their skills, experience, and knowledge of core competencies in code-regulated interiors ensuring the protection of public health, safety, and welfare.

The NCIDQ Reimbursement Fund will award IIDA Associate members who have passed all three sections of the NCIDQ exam. This award is open twice annually. 


IIDA Associate members who have completed and passed all three sections of the NCIDQ exam. Applicants submit their certificates, showing that they successfully passed, as well as proof of exam fee payment. Certification demonstrating that you have taken and passed the NCIDQ exam in the fall of 2022.

For questions on this application process, email foundation@iida.org.

Important Dates

Application Opens                                                                                                         January 30, 2023

Application Closes                                                                                                         March 20, 2023